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Construction of a house is short-termed, because of the pre-fabricated elements and with a dry assembly, which avoids humidity, we are independent of the seasons. For all wooden constructive elements we use technically dried and horizontally pasted or multilayered wood containing less than15% of humidity. An envelope of the building is highly isolated, vapour permeable and air-sealed, which in connection with passive benefits of the solar energy and isolated quality of glass windows, provides constant low costs for heating.  For even better properties of the envelope, we optionally integrate l-profile media.



Modern method of construction with selected materials from established manufacturers and high technical standard provides sustainability, functionality and enormous energy saving potential.


Obsolete components, sad look, lower value of the property, poor housing conditions and high heating bills.


Updated property, better living conditions and low operating costs.


Glued laminated timber in the form of trusses or plates, modern combination of wood, metal,concrete and glass allow unimaginable proportions of design and construction of the urban , commercial and infrastructural buildings .


You can benefit from effective and short term construction, for intermediate savings. 




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First guarantee for gaining optimal new home is a holistic approach in constructing houses.


SMARTLiving handles impact of subconscious, searches and acknowledges quality lands, plans appropriately, chooses materials, designs energy concepts, interior, up to moving in and throughout the whole life cycle of a building.

Every day topics based on commitment:

We are obliged to sustainable planning and building of unique and individual living and working space in order to provide harmonious being of humans in material and non-material world.

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