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House -  space for living and being active in harmony with nature.

The quality of living in harmony with nature is achieved when the environment in which we live and create in simutaniously influences every level of our lives .

Space is no longer considered an object but rather becomes a subject which is placed in an environment and is constantly evolving , changing , developing and is a completion to the user .

The nature breathes together with all the minerals , vegetable kingdom , animals and mankind . Breathing is the foundation of life itself .

A house built in harmony with nature is a part of it and is also built with quality , congruent materials which connect to eachother and create a bond between nature and users .

Harmonious quality living with the nature comes as a result of knowledge , consideration and proffesional hard work .

We offer :
- advice before buying land 
- land surveying examination
- conceptual designs according to your         criteria for investment grade of desired

- design for passive , plus - energy and

   self- care buildings
- full implementation and / or project



With serial manufactured elements ( walls ,

floors , roof ) you can plan and construct a house

together with our proffesional help .

Patented way of building contains every element of what is nowdays perceived to be quality and ecological way of building .

Make your own idividual "fast" house .

It can be build as low - energy , passive or plus -energy house and all that for minimal price and in short time .



Represents an established and tested way of building contemporary residential buildings with wooden construction adjusted to the needs of larger families and represents a paragon of rational and ecological building .



Represents a way of building residential buildings where we allow imagination to take over...

Every day topics based on commitment:

We are obliged to sustainable planning and building of unique and individual living and working space in order to provide harmonious being of humans in material and non-material world.

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