SMARTLiving - the safe way through you building project

Branch store of materials , systems and craft services 

Are you interested in the new possibilities of building with wood ?

Are you interested in wood products which achieve capacity of reinforced concrete, earthquake and fire safety ?

Are CO2 footprint embedded materials, systems and whole buildings important

to you ?

Where to find qualified contractors ?

Discover the world of modern wood construction.

Why waste time and energy on searching the shops ?

We respond to your inquiry, we give you advice and we purchase .


* Butyl tapes 

* Adhesives

* foils and membranes

Craft services 

Trained and submitted verified branch operators  :

* Carpenter

* Joiners 

* Parquetry floor layer 

* Facade manufacturer

In complex cases we design a so called mastership team , drawn up by an appropriately equipped and skilled operators of all the necessary craft .

By combining reliable contractors and designers we assume the demanding construction projects or on your behalf we run under the rules of construction project management.

Structural timber

( conifers )

* Sawn timber

* Planed timber

* KVH - solid constructional wood ,      lenght glued , capacity

* BSH - massive , multilayered laminated timber , capacity G24

* Glued roof racks of all shapes and purposes 

* Holders of plywood

* Profile brackets FJI

Building boards 

* Cross - laminated X - Lam panels

* Plywood 

* OSB panels 


Thermal insulation 

* Wooden fibreboard

* Pulp and wood wool for blowing

* Cellulose plates

* Straw bales

* Plant insulation such as hemp ,

flax , cotton... 

Vacuum and vapor permeable

* Films and membranes 

* Tapes for bonding 

* Liquid film

* Adhesives 


* Thin - layered contact facade 

( system WDVS - plaster on wood fibreboard )

* Shakes -beadings

* Facade plywood

* Facade OSB panel 



* Screws 

* Carpentry hardware



* Protective coatings for wood 

* Wood stains 

* Paints for wood 

* Wall paint against mold 

* Colours for roofing restoration

* Colours for reconstruction tinsmith products  


Secundary roofing 

* Wooden fibreboards 

* Permeable film 



* Panel made parquet 

* Multilayer made cork

* Laminate

* Compozite


Sports flooring 

* Surface elastic flooring 

* Surface elastic PVC flooring 

* Mixed resilient flooring

* Mixed elastic PVC flooring 

* Combined elastic PVC flooring 

* Mobile flooring


Lightweight underfloor heating


Exterior wood 

* Floorboards 

* Fences 

* Piers 

* Bridges


Every day topics based on commitment:

We are obliged to sustainable planning and building of unique and individual living and working space in order to provide harmonious being of humans in material and non-material world.

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