SMARTLiving - the safe way through you building project
HOLISTIC approach with components of a passive house

Evaluation of the situation and financial planning - all in one place !

We offer :
- construction and energy snapshot of the building
- designing several concepts for integrated rehabilitation and comparative economic calculation 
- motivation of the owners to make professionally founded decisions 
- design, getting approvals, permits and financial incentives 
- implementation of renovation and/or project management

In the preparatory phase, we examine options for complete rehabilitation of the building, which generally includes :

  • new facade with more thermal insulation 

  • replacement of roofing installation with thermal insulation

  • window replacement 

  • installation of the ventilation system

  • replacement of the heating system

  • new piping installation ( electricity, water, heating )

  • between residential sound insulation

  • energy efficient lighting 

  • elevator

  • upgrades, extensions, conversions ...

​We guarantee :

  • transparent financing and repayment of investment in the 10 year period

  • immediate decrease of costs for heating by 20 % !

We arrange grants, by arrangement we take into account common areas and other useful areas.


Obsolete components, sad look, lower value of the property, poor housing conditions and high heating bills.


Updated property, better living conditions and low operating costs.

Every day topics based on commitment:

We are obliged to sustainable planning and building of unique and individual living and working space in order to provide harmonious being of humans in material and non-material world.

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Koroška cesta 104, 2000 Maribor, Slovenija