SMARTLiving - the safe way through you building project

Our reference projects

New buildings

​​- Passive eco house Ribič , Pesnica ( preliminary design )

- Passive eco house Srša , Orehova vas ( preliminary design )

- Low energy eco house Gril , Arja vas ( architecture and implementation )

- Low energy house Božovič Močivnik , Krško ( implementation )

- The hamlet of passive eco houses Ranca , Pesnica ( design concept created by surveying analysis of the land )

- Completion of Hotel Chalet , Italy

- Passive eco house Novak , ZG. Velka ( preliminary design )

- Passive eco house Birsa , Celje ( architecture and implementation )

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​​- Passive eco house Rozman , Kamnica ( review of the project , estimate of the investment )

- Passive eco house Biles , Velenje ( architecture , project management , implementation )

- Office building , Lokavec ( preliminary design )

- Restoration of clay wooden house , Jurovski dol ( snapshot ) 

- Passive eco house Jelušič , Zagreb ( preliminary design )

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Human potencial

​​- lectures for training economists at technical college in Maribor

- project PPS EQUAL development of programs for the National Employment Policy co-financed by the EU Social Fund

- development and implementation of public works for the Municipality of Maribor

- production and use of tools which identify the features and potentials of individuals and guiding people towards their own personal career path ; CIP - center for job search co-financed by the Employment Service of Republic of Slovenia

- lectures , presentations and training on topics : "creativity and organization" , "personal growth and entrepreneurship" , "man - harmony - creativity - enterprise - development" , "social entrepreneurship" , "self organizing and animating the unemployed" 

Bussines and technological references

​- crisis management of the company BIVA Homes d.o.o.

- consulting company UNIOR d.d. in the introduction of solving for subsidiary company BIVA Homes d.o.o.

​- implementation of technology in the production of prefabricated houses in the company Biva Homes d.o.o.

- starting , successful growth and successfully completed debt settlement of company PMD Golob d.o.o. 

- first debt settlement of company Jutranjka d.d. Sevnica

- The creation and launch of a regional supportive business environment

- development and process performance in the republican and municipal public administration

Blower door measurements

​​- kindergarden Zg. Duplek

- residential house Biles, Velenje

- terraced houses Domino, Maribor - Pobrežje

- terraced houses Miklavž na Dravskem polju

​- residential house Karlovšek, Celje

- residential house Birsa, Celje

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Craft services

​​- Studenška footbridge Maribor - laying of Bangkirai floorboards

-  monument "Onemele puške" Velenje - laying of Bangkirai floorboards

- Builders` joinery work 

- Flooring work 

- Facade works

- Insulation work

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Sport flooring

​​- elementary school gym Preserje pri Domžalah

- elementary school gym Podnanos

- Sports Club Gripe Split

- Sports Club Zagorje

- Sports Club Tri Lilije Laško

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Every day topics based on commitment:

We are obliged to sustainable planning and building of unique and individual living and working space in order to provide harmonious being of humans in material and non-material world.

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Koroška cesta 104, 2000 Maribor, Slovenija