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Jolanda Lešnik

Proactive view : " Economics is not making a profit , the policy is to create wealth "

She is  proactive in creation and consultancy in fields:

- How to prepare and manage projects for different calls and carry out the business ideas

- Funding sources ( grants , loans ) and specific policies in the EURO AREA and in Slovenia

- Potentials , creativity , activity , development of consciously creating personal and business trips

- Management of energies to meaningful effects

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Peter Golob

A SPACE - A HOUSE  is like "third skin to a man which greatly affects the quality of his life and work

​Does it matter what kind of a house you live in ?


Would you like to find out :

​- How to create a house that will be beautiful , functional and embedded

into environment in the most suitable way

- What sort of materials are / will be installed and used

- Airtightness or where the house uncontrollably leaks

- When , how and at what price to restore the house

- Expert's opinion regarding your dilemmas in the construction or renovation of buildings


Every day topics based on commitment:

We are obliged to sustainable planning and building of unique and individual living and working space in order to provide harmonious being of humans in material and non-material world.

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Koroška cesta 104, 2000 Maribor, Slovenija